intellMix makes simulation painless

intellMix turbocharges MMM programs using Tech, Machine
Learning and Story Telling

What is intellMix


intellMix is a platform that
brings multiple teams that work
on MMM together in one place.

Automated Data Engine

Ability to ingest all data sources
in an automated manner. ML
driven intelligent workflows.


Unlimited scenario planning and
simulation. Optimize and plan
right in the platform.

Workflow Management Tool

Hassle free automated follow
ups, escalations, and
orchestration of processes

intellMix in Action

intellMix has helped Fortune 500 companies run MMM programs better, faster and smarter

Enhanced MMM with intellMix

intellMix is at the center of the MMM program at a leading
consumer and professional products manufacturer

Automation for rich dividends

intellMix’s powerful data engine has helped reduced time to insights
considerably at the world’s leading breakfast cereal manufacturer

Impact of intellMix

Gift of Time

Automation and workflow management, reduces time to insights by 80%

Faster Decisions

In platform and unlimited simulations allow for faster decisions and planning cycles

Minimal Rework

Near zero errors and restatements. ML driven intelligence for flawless execution of processes

Launchpad for other initiatives

By cleaning up data architectures, intellMix allows for launching of other initiatives such as MTA etc


intellMix is a platform that brings multiple teams that work on MMM together in one

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