Convert Volume to Value with intellMix

intellMix turbocharges analytics program using Tech, Machine
Learning, and Story Telling

What is intellMix


A cloud/on-premise platform for automated data and process management.

Automated Data Engine

With ability to ingest, handle and harmonize the data from 36 data sources using ML algorithms.

Process Management Tool

Exception based hassle free workflow with unlimited scenario planning and
simulation. Optimize and plan
right in the platform.

Accelerated Insights

Powered by Advanced analytics and Business intelligence features

Impact of intellMix

Gift of Time

Increase the efficiency of your analytics team. Time to insights reduced by 80%

Flexibility & Responsiveness

Ability to execute and analyse multiple processes in parallel with no additional cost

Single Source of truth

Gain more control over your data and analysis by bringing all stakeholders together in one platform

Fluid & Nimble Data Architecture

Create robust data lake as single source of truth with intellMix data warehousing capabilities

No More Restatements

Eliminate the time spent on collecting and preparing the right data for your analysis

Cost Saving

More automation leads to more cost saving in the longer run

Implementation Stories

Marketing Effectiveness Study

intellMix helped an American Casual Fine Dining restaurant chain measure the impact of Marketing investments on Sales through its advanced Marketing Analytics features.

Impact – 5.6% growth in annual sales

intellMix driving Data integration and Visual insights

intellMix helped the largest Cleaning brand in the US by automating their data handling and harmonization, also bridging the gap between internal stakeholders, vendors and analytics teams by acting as single source of truth.

Impact – time to insights reduced from 14 days to 2 days


intellMix is a platform that brings multiple teams that work on MMM together in one

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